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Makeup is My Business “Senior Sponsorship Highlight”

Enhancements By Katrina Makeup Suite presents “Makeup is My Business” 8 week hands on course. This course caters to individuals that specifically want to learn makeup as an alternative source of income or want to advance their skills with hands on experience. Owner and professional makeup artist Katrina Walker, decided that this would be a great opportunity to give high school seniors a free opportunity to learn the makeup business whether to pursue a career or to improve their makeup skills. This is a great way to earn money while in college or jump start a career in any part of the beauty industry.

The class accepts 6 students with 2 spots being reserved for high school seniors. The opportunity is advertised and referrals are received from people in the community. A short interview is conducted before accepted into the class. The first class began January 4,2021 and Jordyn Franklin was the first sponsored senior to be enrolled in the 8 week course. Jordyn is a senior at Shaw High School and a native of Columbus Georgia. Jordyn plans to pursue a career as an EMT and modeling. During her interview she stated that this course would allow her to do her own makeup for future model calls and modeling opportunities. Since starting the class Jordyn has shown great interest in learning and brings great energy to the class. Jordyn was recently asked how she felt about the class as she completed week 4.

“The class has been really helpful. I walked in there without knowing anything about makeup. It has really been an experience. Before I started taking these classes I really didn’t like makeup, I refused to put it on my face. After actually learning about it and practicing on myself I have been becoming comfortable with myself wearing it. This class has really meant a lot for what I want to do in the future. Maybe one day I will actually move forward and start taking clients”.

This feedback brings great pleasure knowing that she has had a different take on makeup just in this short time. As we move into week 5 of our current class there has been several senior referrals received for the next class in March. This is just the beginning for what Enhancements by Katrina will offer to help provide job ready training to seniors and adults wanting to pursue a career in makeup or build their skills.

For more information on how to get a senior sponsorship or sponsor a senior email Katrina

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